Matchcover Collecting

Full Books and Matchboxes

Do you collect full matchbooks or boxes? We've got the solutions for you!

Full Books

Check out our Matchbook Album. The special 12-pocket pages hold most sizes of match books securely. They also hold matchbox covers pressed flat.

Also take a look at our Display Frames and Cases.


If you collect just the covers of your matchboxes, try the 12-pocket pages described above. For your complete boxes including the cover and tray, try slipping them into the pockets of our pages. Each pocket holds two, one above the other. This photo shows them in our 20-strike (8 pocket) pages.You may want to add a staple or piece of tape at the top of the pocket opening to keep them from sliding out.

fullbook.jpg (172930 bytes)    EZINTM.GIF (3843 bytes)

Here is how various styles of matchboxes fit into 30-strike (6-pocket) pages. Shown are: full matchbox (left), flattened matchbox cover without the inner box (center) and matchbox cover opened at the glue seam and laid flat (right). To help keep the boxes from sliding out of the pages, you can seal the pocket opening with a staple or adhesive tape.





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