Assorted Matchcover Pages

Hobbymaster plastic pages attractively display and protect your valued collection. Pages are archival safe with no acid, vinyl or PVC to damage your covers. U-V barrier helps prevent fading. Covers won't stick in the pages — inks, foils and shiny covers won't be damaged. Insert one cover per pocket to see both sides, or two covers per pocket, back to back, for maximum capacity.

Perfect for 20-strike, 30-strike and 40-strike matchcovers. Contains an assortment of page sizes in this proportion: thirteen 20-strike, nine 30-strike and three 40-strike. Pages have 3 holes to fit standard 3-ring binders.

Archival - Made in USA

Packaged in 25-page packs for orders up to 500 pages. Larger quantities are bulk in carton. A full carton contains 500 pages. It's no problem if your order is not a multiple of 25 pages; in that case we'll send as close to the normal proportion as possible. 

Prices are per page. Minimum order 25 pages.

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