"Classic" Coin Album

Hobbymaster's "Classic" Coin Album is a neat, trim size. It is a practical, affordable way to keep your collection organized, protected and easily accessible.

Fifteen 20-pocket pages are included to hold up to 300 coins in standard 2" x 2" flips (not included; available separately).

Archival Pages - Made in USA

Pages are archival safe with no acid, vinyl or PVC to damage your collection. The U-V barrier adds even more protection.

Archival Pages - Made in USA

The album cover is richly padded leatherette. The binder is a trim 2½" thick with a clean, attractive look. Pages turn smoothly on positive-locking D-rings that keep the pages neatly aligned.




Choose from 3 colors and 29 different titles to keep your entire collection neat and organized 

Mix and match various titles and colors to earn price discounts based on the total number of albums you order
(prices are automatically adjusted as you add more to your cart)

$19.99 for one       $18.99 for 2-4       $17.99 for 5 or more

Price: $19.99


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