Essential Wine Tasting Guide

This is a handy little guide to the tastes, aromas and textures of all major varietals. It demystifies wine for the novice, and is also a useful prompt for the professional.
Now you can have a wine tasting expert with you everywhere. It is compact and light, the perfect size to keep in your purse or wallet. It's always handy to have for restaurants or enjoying wine at a friend's house.
It is amazing how much information is packed into this little gem. It unfolds to reveal 34 mini pages of very useful material.
  • Visual color guide
  • Hundreds of descriptors grouped by appearance, color and tactile attributes
  • Hundreds of variety-specific descriptors
  • Scoring guide
  • Wine faults
  • Temperature serving guide
Credit card size, unfolds to 9"x 12". Protective vinyl sleeve included.
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