Hockey Card Album

Why settle for an ordinary hockey card album? This great album displays and protects your collection in style. It's a Hobbymaster exclusive.

25 9-pocket pages are included—enough for 225 cards. You can add more pages, too—up to about 60 pages to hold over 500 cards.

Archival Pages - Made in USA

Pages are archival safe with no acid, vinyl or PVC to damage your collection. U-V barrier helps prevent fading. Cards won't stick in the pages—printing and foil stamping won't be damaged.

The album cover is richly padded leatherette. The binder is a trim 2½" thick with a clean, attractive look. Pages turn smoothly on positive-locking D-rings that keep the pages neatly aligned.

Choose the design and color you like best:

Wayne Gretzky design Puck design   Choose your color (sorry, the red album in the photo is no longer available)


Price: $18.99
    • Hockey Puck
    • Wayne Gretzky


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