"Pride" Challenge Coin Display Case

Display your CHALLENGE COIN collection in this beautiful case.
Price: $29.99


Inspired by museum display cases, Hobbymaster's "Pride" challenge coin case is a unique and convenient way to show off and protect your challenge coin collection.

Holds up to 18 common sized 1¾" challenge coins. (Note that they will not fit smaller 1½" coins.)

It's easy to use: just open the front cover, remove the "hole plug" filler and press your coin into the hole. The plush black velour provides a nice visual background so colorful coins really stand out. Fill unused holes with a filler plug for a smooth, uniform looking black background. Add, remove or rearrange your coins any time.

The overall size is 14¾" x 8½" x 1-1/8". (Coins not included.) Note that this is designed specifically for 1¾" challenge coins. Please measure your coins before ordering.


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