Whitman Coin Folder - Jefferson Nickel #2, 1962-1995

Whitman coin folders are timeless and durable, and offer safe, archival storage for your collection. Every folder opens flat for all-at-once viewing and includes valuable information about the coins it holds.

The holes in these folders have a special LOCK-IN feature. Simply place the coin with one edge tipped into the hole, and press. Feel the snap? It’s locked in, but you can still easily remove the coin when needed.


Each folder comes with detailed specifications and a history of the coins you are collecting. Live the life of your coins as you look back on their past.

This folder holds Jefferson Nickels from 1962 to 1995. It has 65 openings. Overall size is 7¾ x 6". Whitman item #9039.

Price: $3.99

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